What if I forgot my password?

In case you forgot your password, you may recover it. To do this, go to the login page and click "Forgot your password". The system will ask you to enter the email you specified during registration and after that instructions on how to recover your password will be sent to this email.

What is your service for?

Our service has been designed so that absolutely anyone can gain income from digital marketing. Sign up and see for yourself how easy it is to get involved in digital marketing and that no special knowledge is required.

Do I need any software?

Our system works in the cloud. After launching the banner ad, you can close the page and go about your main business. The system will continue to operate according to the parameters you specified on its own, without requiring any intervention.

How does it work?

BannerWest unites people from all over the world and gives you the opportunity to advertise your products, post other people's products or earn on clicks. We are cooperating with world manufacturers and the largest online stores interested in selling their goods or services. After launching an advertising banner, it will start showing on hundreds of websites, thereby increasing audience engagement, bringing profit to sellers of goods, owners of websites where banners were placed, as well as YOU.

How can I make money?

As the owner of a running banner ad, you earn from the number of clicks on it. In simpler words, you buy a thousand screenings for $ 10 and earn $ 5 on each click. Your income will depend on the number of clicks on your banner ad. On average, 3-4 clicks are made per thousand screenings. These are statistics that have been formed over the entire existence of digital marketing.

How can I start displaying an ad banner?

After choosing the most optimal membership plan, you will need to replenish your personal account using one of the available methods. Next, you will need to go to the banners section and choose out of several thousand the product or brand you like. Additional information will be provided on the selected banner, such as the minimal display time, the minimal advertising budget, the cost of 1 thousand screenings and 1 click, as well as the approximate profit based on statistics. Having made your choice, you just need to confirm the purchase by clicking the "Buy" button.

Can I view statistics for my banner?

Of course, you get access to full analytics after launching the banner in your personal account. You can track the number of screenings and the number of clicks. This will allow you to track your progress in real time.

How long does an ad banner display last?

It all depends on the banner. You can check this information before launching. The average term is 7 days.

Is user verification required?

BannerWest adheres to all money laundering and terrorism sponsorship policies and laws. Therefore, the verification of our user is a priority for us.

What are the restrictions on opening an account?

The user must be 18 years of age or older and must not be associated with money laundering or terrorism sponsorship. Otherwise, the account will be denied.

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