Usage policy

1. ⦁ Introduction

These terms of use (“Terms and Conditions”) apply to your (“Company”) use of the website or the platform as a service provided by the Company (“Service”). By using this service, you (“User”, “Client”, “Marketer”) indicate and confirm that you are at least 18 years old and you are legally capable of accepting these terms and conditions. Any other calculations that you have agreed on with the Company are not affected by these conditions. By using this service in place of another organization, you indicate that you have the right to confirm these Terms and Conditions on behalf of that external organization and that organization agrees to indemnify the Company for any breach of these terms. Please be informed that we may change or supplement any segments of these terms at any time and in that case they will become active immediately. The client is obliged to carefully read these conditions before subscribing to the service and read them again occasionally thereafter to ensure the acceptance of any changes made to the conditions. The fact that you continue to use the service will mean your acceptance of these changes.


2. ⦁ Basics

The company is an advertising marketplace that offers marketers an enjoyable, stimulating and profitable way to participate in the online advertising environment and generate income. Cooperating with leading manufacturers and suppliers, the сompany has created a tool for buying banners to generate profit among its users (“marketers”). As soon as a client buys a banner, he begins to receive income from all the clicks that the banner collects. The original banner buyer can also put the banner up for auction with a sale price and a countdown timer. When the time expires, the banner will be provided to the buyer. This new banner owner can get paid for every click, just like the previous owner. The new owner can also resell the banner. This is a service offered by the Company. Keep in mind that each client will have unique specific results and that income success is not guaranteed. The company's service is to provide a platform and tools to help you start your business. However, the chances of success depend on the amount of work you do. Each user is fully responsible for their own success.

3. ⦁ Definitions and interpretation

The segment names are intended to be of assistance and are not intended to influence understanding of the Terms of Use. The number of days shown to complete an action or for any reason is business days only.

"Applicant" - a User who subscribes to Banner Registration.

"Application" - (Application) the procedure by which the User sends a request for Banner Registration (additional conditions may apply).

3.3 "Banner" - an advertisement presented a web page or on a published page.

3.4 "Company" - BannerWest LP Hong Kong: Harcourt Road, 16

3.5 "Company Registry" - specific registry managed by the Company that stores the data and terms of use of the Banners.

3.6 "Company Website" means any website operated by or associated with the Company where registered Banners may be offered.

3.7 "Issue" - initial registration of a unique banner for a specific registrant.

3.8 "Person" means any legal entity, but not limited to corporation, individual, company and limited liability company, partnership, cooperative, trust, organization, or any comparable legal entity.

3.9 "Qualified Click" - an Internet user linking to the "Company" widget on the website.

3.10 "Registrant" - a User for whom any Banner is registered in the Company Registry.

3.11 "Registration" - making an entry in the Company Registry, which links the Banner with a specific User.

3.12 "Registration Period" - a fixed period of time during which a specific Banner is registered for a specific Registrant. This registration period for a specific banner is determined before the banner is issued.

3.13 "Transfer" (Banner) - removal of the current Registrant from the Company Registry and creation of a temporary entry in the Company Registry, which links this particular Banner with another User.

3.14 "Recipient" - the User to whom the Banner is assigned. Upon completion of the transfer, the Recipient will be considered the Registrant.

3.15 “User” - any Person who registers with the Company or activates a user account with the Company, may also be called “Client”.

4. ⦁ Anti-money laundering policy

⦁ The Company must follow the Know Your Customer process (the “KYC Process”) and money laundering checks (“AML Checks”) that all users must accept and comply with. Such KYC process and AML verification requires the Company to receive the following forms from the User:

4.1.1. A color copy of the passport or identity card issued by the User legally, in accordance with the principles of Global KYC;

4.1.2. Color copy of the User's credit / debit card (s) used in any transaction for the Services provided (front side showing only the first 6 and last 4 digits, cardholder name and expiration date, back side with closed CVV and signature card holder);

4.1.3. A copy of a bank statement or recent utility bill (water, electricity, cable, telephone, gas) that is not older than three months and clearly shows the full username with full home address;

4.1.4 In some situations, User may be asked to provide other documents.

4.2 Users are required to provide working email address registered with the Company (hereinafter - the "Official Address") for all registered Banners under their account. In addition, all Users unconditionally approve the sending of notifications from the Company to this Official Address.

4.3 All notifications, announcements or any form of messages that the Company is obliged to send to the official address of the user will be considered collected and reviewed by such user after 72 hours after the initial sending of the email.

4.4 Any User who has a corporate account agrees that the Company or third parties (if applicable) communicate via Skype, email, text messages or phone about the Services they receive.

4.5 The User agrees that legal forms and / or intermediary documents, in accordance with the dispute resolution procedure specified in the Terms, can also be sent to the Official Addres.

5. Issue of banners

5.1 To request a Banner, Users need to be verified and provide a basic package worth at least $ 50. This does not mean that users cannot select larger packages. The number of Banners purchased in a certain set is called “Purchased quantity”. The user's credit / debit card will be charged after a successful purchase of the purchased quantity.

5.2 Once the banner package has been purchased, a seven (7) days period (hereinafter the "Application Period") will apply to dispense all purchased quantities. In the event that at the end of the application period the full number of purchased banners is not applied for delivery, other banners in the amount corresponding to the purchased quantity will be issued by random choice. For the avoidance of any suspicion, the issuance of banners in accordance with this section 5.2 is final and cannot be reimbursed, regardless of whether such banners were selected by the user or provided in random ways.

5.3. Banners may be subject to a fee (known as “Issuance Fee”). These fees differ from Banner to Banner. Each Banner, which is intended for Registration, indicates its unique fee for its Registration. The Company may decide to change the Delivery Rates at any time at its discretion, and may set different Delivery Rates in contrast to Banners and / or in contrast to Banner groups and / or for individual Users. The Company also reserves the right to set unique bonuses, gifts, incentives or variations in the amount, as well as to determine the circumstances for the qualification of these bonuses, offers, gifts or variations in the amount.

5.4 The Company may offer the User a bonus on the terms specified and explained in the bonus agreement ("Bonus Agreement"). To receive a bonus, the User is obliged to review, agree, sign and send the Bonus Agreement to the Company.

6. Banner application processing

6.1 Applications will be processed on a first come, first served basis, which means that the application that was delivered correctly first (on time) will be processed first.

6.2. When the application is received, it will be deemed complete by the time it is received by the Company, and not by the date it was filed (the “Submission Time”). The Company's processes and working methods are critical to the timing of the application.

6.3 No changes will be made to any Supplements after they have been submitted. The processing of all applications is final. Apps cannot be restored. Any request for changes, modifications or changes to be applied to the submitted application must be sent by sending a separate application.

6.4 For the avoidance of doubt, if an Application is not accepted for any reason, said Application will not confer any right or importance in relation to the Application Banner.

6.5 Banners that are registered cannot be changed, corrected, revised, restructured, canceled or refunded, in whole or in part.

6.6 Banners are registered for the specified Registration Period after the completion of the Banner issue (as described above). If the Banner is transmitted before the expiration of the Registration Period, the said Banner will be canceled and will no longer be available for Registration by users after the expiration of the Registration Period, as the Company decides.

6.7. During the registration period, the Registrant is allowed to receive payment for each click amount determined by the company, which will be at least $ 0.001. Click for a banner registered in its name (hereinafter referred to as "Payments for clicks"). The Registrant's account with the Company will receive a loan for the indicated Click-payments.

7. ⦁ Limited right to banner

7.1 The time allotted (Registration Period) for the collection of Click Payments by the Client to the Registrant or for the transfer of the Banner to a new buyer are the only rights granted to the Registrant to register the Banner during the Registration Period.

7.2 The User unambiguously acknowledges and confirms, that Banner Registration does not grant the Registrant any permissions in the banner header message or in any section of the Banner, along with any symbol (registered or not), industry name, trade name, authorized right or all intangible properties of third parties that may be embedded in the Banner. In addition, there are no permissions or titles on any sites, websites or sites where the Banner is presented and / or with any permission or title in the link within the Banner.

7.3 The Company may in its own way choose to interrupt any activity of a particular banner or banner collection (each of which is a "suspended banner"). If the Suspended Banner is a Registered Banner, the Company will provide the Registrant of this Banner with one (1) day warning about the reason for the suspension of the Banner and will provide the Registrant of such Banner with a choice of three replacement Banners for registration.

8. Transfer of registered banners

8.1 Regardless of when during the Registration Period the Registrant (then in Section 8 only the "Seller") can place a Banner for purchase on the Company's trading platform by selecting the marked "sell" button on the monitor .

8.2 In case the Banner is put up for sale on the Company's trading platform (hereinafter the "Auction Banner"), it is displayed on the Company's trading platform and can be seen by all Users, and they can offer the price for this Banner. Subject to Section 8, a User who bids for a particular Auction Banner will be recognized as a “Bidder.”

8.3 Sellers are notified that the Auction Bidder is bidding for the Auction Banner and that the Seller may decide to approve the rate by pressing the “Accept” button on the monitor. When such Seller approves a specific bid (hereinafter “Accepted Bid”), the Banner Auction is transferred from that Seller to the Bidder who submitted the Accepted Bid; (II)

8.4 Upon completion of a transfer complying with the terms of this Section 8, the registration period for such auctioned banner will be extended.

8.5 A fee will be charged for the transfer of a registered banner (thus "Transfer Fee"):

8.5.1 $ 0.50 to be paid to the Merchant to register each transfer;

8.5.2 $ 0.50 applied to the Recipient for registration of each Transfer.

8.6 The Company may change the Transfer Fees at any time at its sole discretion and / or consider other Transfer Fees for individual Users and / or for various accounts with the Company.

9. Withdrawal

9.1. Users cannot own the banners in their account at the time of the withdrawal request. In order for a user to qualify for a successful withdrawal and refund, such a user must complete the mandatory step when the user provides the Company with the necessary documents along with, but not limited to, KYC forms

9.2 Any withdrawal request depends on the terms of the agreement signed by the specified user, and is also not limited to the bonus agreement.

9.3 No withdrawal request will be officially accepted unless it has been made through the Company's platform.

9.4 The Company allows users to withdraw any qualified amount from their account together with a withdrawal fee equivalent to five percent (5%) of the withdrawal amount, but not less than USD 10.00 (hereinafter: “ Withdrawal Fee ").

9.5 В соответствии с условиями в Разделе 9, пользователям будут отправлены запрошенные им средства в течение не менее трех (3) дней с даты, когда Пользователь подал заявку на вывод средств. Компания отправляет все средства на первоначальный источник оплаты.

9.6Without discrediting the fees for requesting a refund, users will bear all costs, fees and reimbursements charged by third parties (for example, credit card issuing banks, etc.) for transferring money.

10. Account management and maintenance

10.1. A fixed monthly fee of $ 50 (fifty US dollars) will be charged monthly from the user's account out of profit. Every banner purchase is charged from the user's account with a purchase fee of 10% of the total cost of buying advertising. A deposit fee of 5% of the deposit made by the User will be debited from your Account. In addition, the Company will be eligible to receive remuneration ranging from 10-30% of the profits ("profits" under this Agreement refers to the total sale price of any click, registration or purchase generated from the banners that the client has invested). The profit calculation may vary depending on the product the customer has decided to invest in.

10.2. The management fee may be periodically reduced by the Company at its own discretion, after notifying the user. Your continued use of the Service means that you accept such reduced Management Fees. Along with this, separate Management Fees may also apply for specific accounts and for different Users. In addition, the Company may post exclusive bonuses, gifts, contributions or price changes and determine the circumstances for qualifying said bonuses, incentives, enticements or price differences. In case of withdrawal of funds after the bonus has been credited, the commission can be canceled or reduced only if the terms of the Bonus Agreement are met.

10.3 Only by the decision of the Corporate Account Manager, the existing management fee will be reduced in accordance with the rule "Management fee".

11. Obligations of the company

11.1During the registration period, the Company will use its best endeavors to closely monitor the qualified clicks on registered banners in order to generate and issue to the registration data holders the qualified clicks reports that apply to the registered banner / banks and valid CPCs.

11.2 Registrant user accounts with the Company are credited throughout the registration period in accordance with each qualified click in accordance with the Terms.

11.3 During the Registration Period, the Company will accelerate the transfer of registered Banners from owners registrations to Recipients in accordance with the Terms.

12. User guarantees

The User hereby declares and warrants to the Company the following:

12.1 The specified Terms and Conditions (i) were respectively and legally fulfilled and provided by User; (ii) does not require the support or permission of an additional person; (iii) are in the legal ability and ability of such user; (iv) enter into a legally binding binding agreement between the User and the Company, which may also be applied by the Company.

12.2 All declarations and materials delivered at any time by any User of the Company are accurate and true.

12.3. Spam promoted by User will be considered a measurable violation of the Terms and such User will pay the Company a set compensation of $ 100 for each unsolicited email or published website reported to the Company.

12.4 The User will not, openly or ambiguously, collectively or in combination with other people, participate in any movement that may generate clicks that are not the result of genuine unpaid actions of the Person, or provide false growth clicks on the Registered Banner. The User will not, openly or surreptitiously, jointly or in alliance with other Persons, do the following:

12.4.1. Create, activate or register multiple accounts with the Company;

12.4.2. Use web applications to get clicks on registered banners.The word "web robot" will describe any software application that executes mechanical or repetitive commands on the Internet;

12.4.3. Hide the real number of visitors, calls, displays, clicks or any other exchanges on any channel with any association or website associated with the registered banner, as well as use anonymous proxy, VPN or dealership servers to access the Company's website or any site that has a registered banner;

12.4.4 Incorrectly generate or extend traffic, clicks, guests or any additional posts in any way to any connection or website, associated with a registered banner.

12.5 The user understands and agrees that it is impossible to constantly display all registered banners on all sites of the company's partners, and therefore the level of advertising of each specific registered banner on the websites of the company's partners may differ. In addition, the User understands and claims that the Company randomly resolves the following issues and may differ from a Registered banner to another: (i) delivery of Registered banners on the Company's Websites; and / or (ii) cases in which a certain registered banner is displayed on the company's websites; and / or (iii) the period of time for each registered Banner on the Company's Websites; and / or (iv) scheduling each presentation of a specific registered banner on the company's websites.

12.6.The user acknowledges and confirms that working with the registration of banners and / or the transfer of registered banners can generate income, however, this includes significant financial risk and the possibility of partial or complete loss of capital. In addition, such User acknowledges and agrees that: (i) in all places where income data (if any) are provided, the mentioned salary figures are indirect data provided to the Company about the results achieved by individuals who provide such facts; (ii) the Company did not comply with the confirmation of the statements made by these persons; and (iii) the issuance of Banners and / or the Transfer of Registered Banners is not performed or resolved by the User in relation to the aforementioned individual accounts.

12.7 In this case, the User received guidance from his personal consultants, such as a lawyer and / or an accountant, and takes into account the uncertainty and all additional monetary and financial characteristics of these services offered by the Company.

12.8. . The User has sought help from his own consultants, such as a lawyer and / or his auditor, regarding his income tax liability.

12.9 In doing so, the User will protect his account information and store decent antivirus or malware software on his personal computer and will be responsible for any unauthorized use of his account or disclosed information about his account.

13. Proof of service delivery

13.1 All registration of user actions and use of the Services are stored in the register of the Company. Evidence of the distribution of intangible or simulated articles or Services are confirmed by the User's IP address, which tracks the dates and time periods of any financial actions, the location of the computer on any day and period of transactions, the identification number of the computer and the name of the equipment, email address and personal name associated with the profile file user; confirmation that the user profile was initiated and confirmed by the specified user prior to the date of the contract; confirmation that the user has opened and used the software during or after the validity period; the confirmation previously used the same computer and payment method, user login details, access to the Services, and email correspondence.

14. The card is not provided for transactions

14.1 The company is an online service provider. Services are funded and used by cards that are not available for transactions

14.2. Before preparing any payment, the Company uses security measures in connection with the approval and verification of its Users, maintaining milestones to comply with the basic requirements of the payment card industry and guidelines regarding the security of personal information.

14.3 All investors are required to check the box to accept the Company's Terms and Conditions, in order to be able to activate the Company's account and be a User of the Services, without this, an account will not be opened with the Company. Before making any deposit, the responsibility lies with the Person, who confirms that he has read and understood the Rules.

15. Return Policy

15.1. . Any provided Services are at the User's risk: after 3 days there are no guarantees, no refunds, no conversions and credits.

15.2 If the User decides that he is not interested in using the Service and has not purchased the Banner The company handles all return requests on a case-by-case basis. All requests for refunds must be sent by email no later than five (5) days from the date of the original deposit processed by the Company.

15.3 Refunds will only apply to the card that was originally used for payment. Returns must be equivalent to or below the value of the investment.

16. Complaints

16.1. If the user is not satisfied with the Services provided; written notice must be sent by email as a first attempt to resolve any problem.

16.2 At least three days later, the User will receive written confirmation that the Company has received and registered the written complaint from the User. The company investigates the complaint, after which it sends a response to the user by e-mail or telephone within 10 days. This notification entails how the problem should be resolved. If this method is not available, a temporary response is sent to the user regarding the steps to be taken to resolve the issue.

16.3The Company has the right to resolve the dispute in any way it deems appropriate. This step should be understood as a disclaimer or violation.

17.Change of rights

17.1 The Company may, without assuming any responsibility, track business and communications that occur on the web -site and / or Service. If at any time, at our sole decision, we decide that the User has violated or may violate any term of these Terms, or if such operations or dialogue is inappropriate, the Company may withdraw from such an agreement or move to other methods of restricting admission or gaining control over all materials that may be deemed offensive or harmful, at the discretion of the Company, without liability to you or a third party.

17.2. Agents of the Company may use pseudonyms when communicating with the User.

17.3 The Company will not be responsible for changing the website or Services at its sole discretion with or without notice to the User. Further use of the Service by the User means acceptance by the User of such changes.

18. Disclosure and Disclaimer

18.1 An advertising market company has many types of users. Affiliates may be one of our types of Users who receive compensation by sending people to the Company.

18.2.Any amounts in earnings shown or revenue examples shown are simply representations of potential operating results or past investment history. There are no guarantees regarding your future activities, as these activities involve certain risks that you must accept. Any example shown regarding the benefits generated should not be construed as a standard outcome. People stories should not be construed as a characteristic.

18.3 The Company's services and online pages may present data that includes or is based on forward-looking statements as defined in the US Securities Litigation Reform Act 1995 . Forward-looking content offers our interpretation of future results. Words such as intend, plan, estimate, expect, design, anticipate, believe, and similar semantics in relation to the presentation of a possible financial or earning result. All of these forward-looking statements constitute our assumptions about possible returns. They should be construed as opinions, but in no event should they be construed as warranties, warranties or facts of the Company.

18.4 Profits derived from Internet business entail a certain, unknown degree of risk, therefore, it is not recommended to the general public.Final decisions based on any data or facts presented in our Services or on the Internet pages should always be made with the assumption that you may lose money or not make any profit. Only money that is intended for risk should be used.

19. Use of third party software or sites

19.1 The Company may from time to time add recommendations for products, software, information or websites that are operated and owned by third parties. They may hyperlink the website or use other means to facilitate the implementation of this recommendation and provide you with easy access to these external resources.

19.2 The Company will endeavor to direct you to the resources which are trustworthy and useful, however, the Company does not guarantee, approve or endorse products, software, information or services published on third-party sites, and does not track changes in the resource. Thus, the Company does not bear any responsibility for any content, for its accuracy or correctness of any third-party resource and cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage of any kind as a result of the use of such third-party resources. or for any deficiency in services or products obtained from or on a third party resource.

19.3 The Resources are provided as a recommendation only “as is”. You will be subject to the specific terms and conditions of that third party and their license agreement will apply if you choose to access their services.Our privacy policies and security practices will no longer be applied to protect you as they may be different from ours. You are encouraged to familiarize yourself with any terms of use and / or license agreement and / or privacy policy and / or security rules of the relevant third party resource to which you wish to access, as this will apply when you use the specified third party resource.

20. Definition of responsibility

20.1 The Online Site, Services and Content are fully implemented by the Company on an “as is” or “as available” basis.

20.2 Users understand and agree that after accepting the terms of the Company specified in these Terms, the Company has not expressed and will not be deemed to be expressed to the maximum extent permitted by law, and it will be considered that the User has explicitly denied any description, warranty or assurance, explicit or not, in relation to the Services offered by the Company ... The User's actions with the Company, including but not limited to the Registration of Banners and the Transfer of the Registered Banners, will be carried out under the sole responsibility of the User and his full acceptance of the risk by the User.

20.3 The User accepts and acknowledges that the Company has not produced, and is not considered to have produced, and to the fullest extent permitted by law, it will be considered that the User has explicitly disclaimed any of the following images, representations, warranties, expressed or implied:

20.3.1 Any representation, warranty or guarantee in respect of traffic size, hits, leverage, visitors, clicks, visits or any messages by any means to any link or website linked to registered banner or registered banners;

20.3.2. Any representation, warranty or guarantee in respect of clicks, visitors, timing of views, impressions, visits or any other exchange by any means with any link or website associated with a registered banner or registered banners;

20.3.3 Any image, guarantee or guarantee about the number of displays of registered banners and qualified clicks on the entire registered banner or the set time of distribution of any impressions and qualified clicks;

20.3.4. Any image, guarantee or guarantee that the operation of the Company Sites or any part of it will be uninterrupted or error-free, and / or any Company Sites or any part of them in relation to the likelihood that the Company Sites or any part of them may be hacked;

20.3.5 Any representation, warranty or guarantee relating to the extent of disclosure of each specific registered banner, including, without limitation, the supply of registered banners, the frequency of display of each specific registered banner, the duration of each display event of each specific registered banner and the display time of each specific registered banner;

20.3.6 Any representation, guarantee or guarantee regarding financial projections and risks associated with banner registration and / or transfer of registered banners, plus without limitation: (i) any representation, warranty or guarantee that registered with banners and / or translations or registered banners will generate income for the user;

20.3.7 Any guarantee, representation or guarantee that banner registration and / or translation of registered banners does not contain significant financial risk and / or cannot lead to knowledge damages;

20.3.8 Any warranty, warranty or representation with respect to the functionality and / or installation, and / or completeness, and / or effectiveness, and / or service of any third party software that runs on the Company's platform or is available in the Company. Sites, plus without limitation, any web robot, utility, application, protocol, trading tool or interface.

20.4. Notwithstanding the limitation of liability included in these Terms or any of its provisions, under no circumstances will the Company and / or any of its officers, directors, employees, agents or shareholders and / or any of their affiliates be liable for any loss of profits, business opportunities or any other losses incurred by the User, whether direct, indirect, secondary, special, corrective or indirect, arising out of or in connection with these Terms and Services, including, but not limited to, Banner registration and transmission of registered banners by any means , even if the Company received notification of the possibility of such losses.

20.5 Without prejudice to the general meaning of the terms presented in these Terms, the Company, its managers, shareholders, employees or operators, as well as their associates under no circumstances will be liable to the User for any damages, loss of profits. opportunity, or any other direct, indirect, incidental, incidental, special, punitive or accidental arising from any of the following circumstances:

20.5.1 Any use, non-use or improper use by any By the person of the registered banner, including, without limitation, any inaction or inaction of an individual (voluntarily or erroneously) when performing a qualified click on a registered banner:

20.5.2. Any insufficient or unsatisfactory appearance or non-appearance of registered banners;

20.5.3. Any unauthorized connection or unrestricted use of the Registrar of Companies.

20.5.4 Any error in the code, malicious software, virus or the like that may alter the Company Register and / or any data stored in the Company Register, without any restrictions, including any server code or other electronic device or software of the Company ;

20.5.5 Any failure, malfunction or short-term interruption of the normal operation of the Company's Website or any of its partial components and any hacking of any Company Website;

20.5.6 Any personal injury, property accident or other loss of any kind resulting from the registration of the banner, the transfer of the registered banner and any use, non-use or misuse of the registered banner.

21. Requirements

21.1 The User agrees to indemnify, defend (including reimbursement of reasonable attorney fees and hearing costs), defend, maintain and prove the innocence of the Company, its shareholders, agents, officers, employees or directors, and all affiliates. the same (hereinafter - "Release") from and against any and all attorney fees, penalties, damages, claims, liability, costs, expenses, claims, claims, damages and causes of actions of any type and nature, suffered in connection with any statement prompted, raised, opposed, culminated or claimed by the Exemption in connection with or in any way in the event of any breach of these Terms, as well as the following:

21.1.1 Any misrepresentation or violation of the User's description, contract, warranty or obligation included in these Terms and Conditions, or any announcement, presentation, pledge, promise or obligation made or given in connection therewith;

21.1.2 Any falsification or violation of the description, warranty, guarantee or obligation of the User, covering any information provided by the User to the Company;

21.1.3 ЛAny violation of any type regarding confidentiality or the right to the nature of any Person, including libel, insult, insult, shameless lie or any method of interpretation that may lead to motivation.

21.2 For the avoidance of any doubt, all duties and / or responsibilities assumed by the User should be without limitation and / or in relation to their origin, including, without limitation, previous circumstances, even if these circumstances are latent or patent; a firm liability associated with the law or any strict obligation; violation of the agreement; tort, breach of liability (common law, agreement, statutory or otherwise) or negligence or error of any of the parties, which includes, but is not limited to, exemption in the event that they are active or passive, contemporaneous or join alone; or any other concept of legal liability. Apart from the previous one, compensation shall not apply in the event (and only in the event of) willful violation of the Exemption.

21.3. Such compensation offered in these Rules will apply to any form of liability, especially those protected by compensation. If these charges arise openly as a result of the Release or secondarily in the process of the Indemnification Agreement through the other party, that is, such liability for which such compensation is required has arisen or has arisen as a result of the User's behavior. responsibilities.

21.4. Any person who may become a Party to the exemption from the Company itself is deemed to be a third party beneficiary of these Terms of Use solely by reason of the imposition of a refund aimed at their advantage.

22. Dispute Resolution

22.1 The User unconditionally confirms that any disagreements related to the Registered Banner, Service or in relation to these Terms will be resolved through the necessary negotiations, and not in court. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of the United Kingdom, minus conflicts of law, will observe these Terms and Conditions and any differences that may arise between the User and the Company.

22.2 In the event that the parties cannot to resolve any dispute arising out of or in connection with these Terms, including any issue regarding its existence, validity or termination, the dispute must be referred and finally resolved exclusively through arbitration in accordance with the London Rules. International Court of Arbitration (LCIA), located at Fleet Street London, EC4Y, 1EU, 70, United Kingdom, the rules of which are deemed to be incorporated by reference into this clause. The number of arbitrators must be one. The place or legal place of arbitration will be London, United Kingdom. The language to be used in the arbitration must be English. Governing contract law and any arbitration is the substantive law of England and Wales.

22.3 To initiate a settlement procedure, a user seeking a negotiated action must email a mediation notice informing the address of the Company at (hidden)

22.4 The user unconditionally states that all dispute resolution will be considered solely in one case, and not as a group, combined or demonstration act. If the assertion is filed in court rather than negotiated, it will take place exclusively in London, and that user will submit any claims to a panel hearing.

23. Violations

23.1 Violation by any User of the demonstration or warranty contained in these Terms and Conditions means the creation of material default measures (each "Default Event") by a specific User.

23.2 In any event of default, including, without prejudice, or limitation of other rights or remedies available to the Company in accordance with the rule, in accordance with these Terms, the Company may, at its option: (i) immediately ban the User from its account records, briefly or permanently, and the User will not be allowed to repay any payments financed through him; or (ii) balance any outstanding amounts in the account of the valid User against any costs incurred by the Company.

23.3. .To eliminate uncertainty, the User accepts and agrees that no remedies have been discussed in any of the specific requirements of the Terms and Conditions, which are here considered to exclude any other remedy that is available in accordance with law, honestly, by regulation or otherwise. , and except as expressly provided herein, each remedy will remain collective and is intended to be included with all other remedies provided under this Agreement or now or thereafter available by law, in fairness, by decree, and nothing in this Agreement should be construed as limiting the remedies available to the Company in case of violation of these Terms by the User. Thus, the Company's choice of any remedy will not result in the Company's refusal to seek any additional available remedies.

24. Copyright and Trademark Notices

24.1. The content of the Services described in these Terms is copyrighted by the Company. All rights reserved. Other product names, brand names, and company names may be symbols or service marks of their respective owners.

25. Applicable law

25.1 These Terms and Conditions, any Registration and any Distribution will be governed solely by the laws of the United Kingdom.

25.2 For the avoidance of mistrust, each User acknowledges that being able to receive the Company's Services does not imply that the Services provided by the Company, and / or the activity of the User in the Company is permitted in accordance with the laws, guidelines or orders relating to the country of the User. residence. Without distracting from the previous one, each User recognizes that the laws on contracts vary around the world. The User is responsible for ensuring that he or she properly complies with any law or policy in their country of residence regarding the use of the Company's Services.

26. Binding Agreement

26.1 By registering with the Company and / or opening an account with the Company and / or using the Service, including without limitation, providing the Application for providing the Banner and / or participating in the Transfer operation, each User acknowledges and agrees with in that these Terms constitute a legally binding agreement between each User and the Company. All users are now required to follow the rules and procedures set out above, subject to the agreement of these Terms.

27. Termination of cooperation

27.1 The Company or the User has the right to terminate the provision of such Service by sending it to the counterparty at least five (5) days in advance with written notice and indicating the date of termination. All access to the account will be removed and the user account closed.

27.2. The Company may immediately terminate the service of an account without prior notice in the following cases:

27.2.1 Termination is required by any competent regulatory expert or figure or any order or entity;

27.2.2 Unexpected passage by user;

27.2.3. In the event of a decision on liquidation or if the user's property is accepted at a meeting or at the proposal of an application for the above;

27.2.4. The User violates any provision of the Terms and Conditions, as a result of which, in the opinion of the Company, such Services cannot be provided, and the User refuses to provide, sign or send vital agreements or forms;

27.2.5. The user violates any law or rule that he is obliged to;

27.2.6. The User directly or indirectly associates the Company with any type of fraud;

27.2.7 The Account Holder fails or neglects to comply with the KYC requirements in accordance with the instructions of the Company.

27.3 If a user account is terminated, he will be responsible for:

27.3.1. In connection with the termination of the provision of the Services, any charges and additional costs are earned or will be received by the Company;

27.3.2. Any unresolved payment by the Company;

28. Enforceability

28.1 In case at any time the terms and conditions set out in these Terms are considered unfair or unenforceable, the remaining terms and conditions will remain unchanged, and the Terms and Conditions, which have been found to be unconstitutional, shall be removed and replaced by the terms closest to to the ones presented. target of deleted conditions.

29. Disclaimer on Intellectual Property

29.1 The User acknowledges and agrees that all content provided by the Company, be it logos, trademarks, graphics and / or slogans posted on the Company's website, does not belong to the Company or its officers, directors, employees, agents or shareholders, and / or any of their affiliates. Said logos, titles, trademarks, symbols, icons and names are the property of their respective owners. The specified owners may not be associated or endorsed by the Company.

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